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Green Business Ideas August 20, 2009

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While the sites listed below are certainly full of great green business ideas (Kickstart, for example, is a great one), I have to thank Meredith over at the Long Beach Green Business Association for referring me to her list of 200 green business ideas – this is a fantastic resource for those looking to start a green business, and her site Green Biz Plan is full of such things.

Another great resource on the “green economy” was just forwarded to me by a friend of mine, Sara Day, who specializes in bringing Sustainable Development to North Carolina’s most under-served economies. This site, the North Carolina Green Resource Directory, is a great place for information and examples in that particular state (my current home), as well as ideas for other spots looking to bring green resources and development to their areas.

There are a lot of folks out there looking to green their business, or start a new one. These sites have not just ideas, but suggestions on funding them as well, not to mention agencies working to help make it happen. In the next week, I will be posting up some business related links of my own, and will be continuing to learn a great deal more about this in the coming months (and years). If anyone else has good sites of this sort, please post a comment here letting us know!


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