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What this blog’s about… June 26, 2009

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This is a new blog created to catalog my growing list of interesting info and links regarding sustainability, renewable energy, and our globally interwoven lives.

Much of this blog in the next few months will be populated by posts that stem from my research as an intern in the Solar Thermal field in Asheville, North Carolina; I do a lot of internet trawling in this position, and I was getting tired of not knowing what to do with the “bycatch”, much less the stuff I was after in the first place.

So there will be a period of almost unavoidable disorganization at first, as I struggle to figure out categorizing, good titling practices, etc.

If you have any suggestions, then by all means, fire away!  My hope is that this blog can become a resource and sharing space for others navigating the frontiers of sustainability as it crosses the borders of technology, economics, politics, particle physics, conservation biology, and fields yet unknown.

Cheers, and happy reading!

-Noah Wilson


2 Responses to “What this blog’s about…”

  1. ecoblogical Says:

    I wonder if you might find this list of 200 green and sustainable business ideas of interest… I’ll be posting ways to get funding for green business as well

    You site is really awesome tons of info I didn’t know about. Thanks so much..I will be returning often. Meredith

    • wpconservation Says:

      Meredith, I’m glad that you found my site to be helpful. It’s still under construction, as you might imagine, but I have lots more to post up – I spent all summer doing research on green business and sustainability as well as solar thermal technology.

      I haven’t even begun to post the results of the solar-thermal research – most of them are cataloged on a sister blog to this one, titled “Solar Thermal Innovation”)

      One thing I intensively researched as part of my summer (which I spent working for a solar thermal company) was solar thermal cooling – using hot water to generate cool air and water, and possibly refrigeration as well. check that out if you get a chance – it’s really interesting stuff.

      I’ll be checking out that list tonight – I am co-teaching a class on Sustainable Business this fall, and I think it will really come in handy.

      I look forward to talking more, and doing some collaboration. I’m all about sharing the wealth of info and solutions we have before us, and working with other folks to try and digest this tremendous volume of information.


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